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    1. 聯系熱線:0576-82732861郵箱:ntsl@fspwq.com

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          Taizhou Kaiserdom machinery Co.,Ltd.The company is located in Taizhou,Zhejiang,established in 2000,specializing in the production of electric and manual sprayers, a complete range of varieties novel, the company has been improving product quality and style,the requirements of the customers as our development objectives, the years the company has been to absorb all resources and wisdoms. Efforts to develop domestic and international market, relying on the domestic market, the international market as the final goal, and many countries over the years we have cooperation littoral states in particular, Africa, the Middle East,South Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean

          We have been committed to these countries of agricultural modernization. We are guided by quality priority. Service-oriented. We warmly welcome more people cooperation with us from demestic and overseas.